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Welcome to Tom's House of Sounds II

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Thank You for coming to my home page. On this page you will find my collection of wave,midi and au files, my list of favorite sound utilities and links to some good sound sights.
Table of Contents
My Selection of Wave Files
My Selection of Midi Files
My Selection of Au Files
Very Good Sound Utilities
Web Sites
Text Files of What I Have
A little about myself and my e-mail address

My Selection of Wave Files
Press HereDescriptionFile SizeFile Info
fly_yes.wavIndiana Jones & the Last Crusade - "I didn't know you could fly a plane. Fly, yes. Land, no."42.2KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
Argued.wavClueless - "You argued your way from a C+ to an A- ..."69.4KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
toast.wavGhostbusters - "Alright! This chick is toast!"29.1KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
Hero.wavFerris Bueller's Day Off - "Ferris Bueller your my hero."43.2KPCM 11KHZ 8bit Mono
Finest.wavApollo 13 - "With all due respect sir. I think this is going to be our finest hour."39.8KPCM 11KHZ 8bit Mono
CLULE05.WAVClueless - "Hello!"4.56KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
babbit.wavBabbit from Looney Toons - "My mother told me there would be days like this."20.5KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
alf.wavAlf Theme249KMicrosoft ADPCM 8KHZ 4bit Mono
Finger.wavAirplane! - "Get that finger out of your ear! You don't know where that finger has been!15.6KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
Ablude.wavArchie Bunker - "It's been a charmin' interlude"13.4KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHz 4bit Mono
Helloson.wavDue South - "Hello Son. Hello Dad. How are you? I'm dead son. Other than that do you mean? No that's what I was asking. Well, that's good. Never be ashamed to ask a stupid question son."74KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
spphone.wavPink Panther - "This is Chief Inspector Clouseau on the Phone."20.6KMicrosoft ADPCM 11KHZ 4bit Mono
bitnice.wavMarvin Martian - "That wasn't a bit nice!"27KPCM 11KHZ 8bit Mono
drwngbrd.wavMarvin Martian - "Back to the old drawing board!"40KPCM 11KHZ 8bit Mono
hides.wavGabrielle from Xena:Warrior Princess - "Let's face it. I've seen healthy hides on a used couch."59.4KPCM 22KHZ 8bit Mono

My Selection of Midi Files
Press HereDescriptionFile Size
odd2.midOdd Couple Theme10K
rocky_a.midRocky & Bullwinkle Show Theme9K
my_life.midBilly Joel - "My Life"50K
MP.midMelrose Place Theme31K
bewitch.midBewitch Theme9K
startre2.midStar Trek Theme29K
90210.midBeverly Hills:90210 Theme13.5K
ACE_OF_BASE-THE_SIGN.MIDAce of Base - The Sign28K
1941G.MID1941 Movie Theme112K
quanleap.midQuantum Leap Theme10.2K
all_i_need_is_a_miracle.midMike & the Mechanics - All I Need is a Miracle31K
come_sail_away.midStyx - Come Sail Away53K
america-sister_golden_hair.midAmerica - Sister Golden Hair45.6K

My Selection of Au Files
Press HereDescriptionFile Size
answeringmachine.auFran Drescher of The Nanny Answering Machine message78.2K
Explosion-2.auNice Explosion Sound17.8K
sonny.auTom Hanks in Bosom Buddies - "Sonny, Sonny, Sonny"25K
pains.auGrowing Pains Theme274K
blossom.auBlossom Theme347K
home_improvement.auHome Improvement Theme369.6K
hermans_head.auHerman's Head Theme550.2K
torkelsons.auThe Torkelsons Theme465.8K

Very Good Sound Utilities
Press HereDescriptionFile Size
mp97_200.zipMultiPlay ´97 is capable of playing any sound or video file for which you have a Windows MCI driver installed1795K
Syntrillium's CoolEdit96CoolEdit96 - Sound editor that recognizes wav,au,voc,vox,sam and smp sound files2070K
CD\Spectrum Pro V3.3.333CD/Spectrum Pro - Excellent CD Player for Win95 & WinNT 4.0 - Includes Spectrum Analyzer, ability to read CDP files and communicate with CDDB servers. Saves typing in CD info.406K
Winamp V1.9Includes spectrum analyzer, digital equalizer, downsampling, downmixing, playlists, everything you've dreamed of in an MP3 player!416K
SoundfontGreat place to obtain soundfonts for AWE32 and other sound cards which use sbk and sf2 sound banks.

Web Sites
TV Theme Song CentralThe Daily .WAVSoundAmericaMidiWeb
Whoopie!Tom Wagner's Music LibraryTV Theme Songs & More

Text Files of What I Have

Complete List of My Wave Files Without DescriptionsComplete List of My Wave Files Without Descriptions - 76,094 bytes
Complete List of My Midi Files Without DescriptionsComplete List of My Midi Files Without Descriptions - 54,345 bytes
Complete List of My Au Files With DescriptionsComplete List of My Au Files With Descriptions - 868 bytes


Contact me with suggestions and comments or for any requests of wave,midi or au files listed in the text files.
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